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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your fees for services?

All fees for services are negotiated on the basis of a flat rate. There are no contingency fees. Our fees may be structured by the hour, half-day, full-day and by the project. After being in the consulting business for 20 years, we know a fair rate when we see one...and usually we are the ones offering it. Not only do we offer rates to suit any client, we never charge for our initial consultation. See if any other consulting firms make this offer.

How can I be sure of your work?

If you ever want to judge the quality of consultants, ask to see samples of their work and talk to their former clients. The vast majority of our contracts come from repeat business and from word-of-mouth referrals. Once people learn about the quality and value of our work, not only do they keep coming back for more, but they also recommend us to everyone they know.

How can you offer so many different services?

Because of our mission to be a one-stop source for all your research, evaluation and training needs, we have assembled a network of professionals who have several decades of experience in these fields. All of our resource partners are chosen for what they bring to the table: expertise in their chosen field, a strong, research background, effective interpersonal skills and the ability to quickly identify needs and solve problems.

When should I hire a consultant?

Our answer is "As soon as possible." Many people think that the time to bring in a consultant is at the end of a project or after one has already started. In actuality, the sooner you bring us in, the more that we can do for you in your program development and planning. This is especially true for program evaluation for which people often leave as the last thing they need to do. Since we typically offer many services that are difficult to obtain in-house, it is best that you call us now and let us help you plan ahead for them.

How do I get more information?

We have several, convenient ways of contacting us: on-line request form, e-mail, regular mail and telephone.. Go to our Contact page to find out more.


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