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Providing quality research services since 1978

Whatever your research, evaluation and training needs are, we can help. Dr RJP Consulting is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm and your one-stop resource for program evaluation, evaluation research, market research, research design, statistical analysis, grant and proposal writing, needs and assets assessments, focus groups and surveys, training and education and instructional design. When you have a complex evaluation job to do, call on us.

We maintain a collaborative network of consulting companies and evaluation professionals with specific expertise and talent in our seven service areas. We can help you with the evaluation of your programs to see if they are effective and making efficient use of its resources. We can help you write and secure program grants. If you have program data to gather or a dataset to analyze, then let us do the research and analysis for you. We can even show you how to do it yourself, if you like. Qualitative research methods like needs assessments, market surveys and focus groups are just a few of our service specialties.

Besides being recognized as a leader in the field of program evaluation and research,Dr RJP Consulting is also known for creating quality instructional programs and materials. We offer a wide range of competency-based training courses, seminars and workshops as well as developing programs "on-demand."